Welcome to Another Kind Sheffield!

Another Kind is a premier Salon in the centre of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, offering you a wide range of styling and beauty services. All situated within an amazingly relaxed and modern environment.

Our team of experts can provide you with their amazing knowledge and years of award winning experience, to give you the most perfect outcome for your hair and beauty regimes.

We have L’oreal Colour Specialists on hand, who are equipped with the prestigious L’oreal degree, to ensure that you get the best, realistic and amazing colour services for your hair.

Honesty is the best policy! The health of your hair is paramount to us, we will always advise you truthfully and guide you towards achievable results that lead to your perfect hair goals.

Within our expert team, we can provide advanced advice on a wide range of extensions, Afro hair, colour work, cutting, styling and keratin blow dries. we also have an amazing team of lash, nail and beauty technicians on hand for all your beauty needs.




GraduateStylistSenior StylistDirector/Colour SpecialistPrices from:
Wash, Cut & Finish29.5037.5042.5047.5029.50
Wash & Finish w/ ExtensionsN/A30303030
Wash & Finish (Short)25.00-30.0035.00-40.0035.00-40.0035.00-40.0025.00-30.00
Wash & Finish (Long)30.00-35.0030.00-35.0030.00-35.0030.00-35.0030.00-35.00
Dry Curls15.0015.0015.0015.0015.00
Hair Up (Bridal)P.O.AP.O.AP.O.AP.O.AP.O.A


GraduateStylistSenior StylistDirector/Colour SpecialistPrices from:
Wash, Cut & FinishN/A22252822
Head ShaveN/A10101010

Colour Services

GraduateStylistSenior StylistDirector/Colour SpecialistPrices From:
T-Section Short35.0054.0059.0064.0035.00
T-Section Long39.0059.0064.0069.0039.00
Half Head Highlights (Short)43.0059.0064.0069.0043.00
Half Head Highlights (Long)48.0064.0069.0079.0048.00
Full Head Highlights (Short)49.0069.0074.0084.0049.00
Full Head Highlights (Short)59.0074.0084.0089.0059.00
Monney Piece with Toner28.0030.0032.0034.0028.00
Face Frame with Toner35.0040.0042.0044.0035.00
Colour Inbetween Highlights35.0035.0035.0035.0035.00
Balayage (Short)54.0079.0084.0089.0054.00
Balayage (Long)64.0089.0094.0099.0064.00
Toner (Short)20.0020.0020.0020.0020.00
Toner (Long)25.0025.0025.0025.0025.00
Bleach Roots42.0059.0064.0069.0042.00
Bleach Full Head52.0074.0079.0084.0052.00
Root Smudge25.0025.0025.0025.0025.00
Toner with Root Smudge40.0040.0040.0040.0040.00
Semi Tint (Short)30.0040.0045.0048.0030.00
Semi Tint (Long)38.0045.0049.0052.0038.00
Permanent Tint (Short)32.0045.0049.0055.0032.00
Permanent Tint (Long)42.0059.0064.0069.0042.00
Colour Strip/BathP.O.AP.O.AP.O.AP.O.AP.O.A


GraduateStylistSenior StylistDirector/Colour SpecialistPrices From:
Under 10 BoysN/A11.0012.20N/A11.00
Under 10 GirlsN/A17.5019.00N/A17.50
10-16 BoysN/A16.0018.00N/A16.00
10-16 GirlsN/A30.0035.00N/A30.00


GraduateStylistSenior StylistDirector/Colour SpecialistPrices From:
Innoluxe Add into Colour25.0025.0025.0025.0025.00
Innoluxe Long Hair35.0035.0035.0035.0035.00
Hair Masks8.508.508.508.508.50
Joico Express10.0010.0010.0010.0010.00
Joico Intense15.0015.0015.0015.0015.00
6 in 1 (15mins)15.0015.0015.0015.0015.00
6 in 1 (30mins)20.0020.0020.0020.0020.00
Texture Release (Short)N/A130.00130.00130.00N/A
Texture Release (Bra Strap)N/A140.00140.00140.00N/A
Texture Release (Mid-Length)N/A160.00160.00160.00N/A
Texture Release (Thick/Long)N/A180.00180.00180.00N/A
Kerastraight (Short)110.00130.00130.00130.00110.00
Kerastraight (Medium)130.00150.00150.00150.00130.00
Kerastraight (Long)155.00175.00175.00175.00155.00


GraduateStylistSenior StylistDirector/Colour SpecialistPrice From:
Full Weave FittingN/A110.00110.00110.00110.00
Weave TighteningN/A25.0025.0025.0025.00
Tapes Fitting Full HeadN/A120.00120.00120.00120.00
Tapes Fitting Half HeadN/A60.0060.0060.0060.00
Tapes Removed & Blow DryN/A60.0060.0060.0060.00
Tapes Removed & Blow Dry & Re-TapedN/A180.00180.00180.00180.00

Opening Hours

Monday + Tuesday 10am – 6pm
Wednesday and Thursday 10am – 8pm
Friday 10am – 6pm
Saturday 9am – 5pm
Sunday Closed


  • Want to know what we can do? New clients receive a cool 25% off colouring and cutting services with selected stylists. Please mention the new client discount when booking your appointment.
  • Student? No problem, take 10% off your colour and cut bills, Monday to Thursday with a valid NUS card
  • Work in the NHS? Or emergency services? Show us your valid NHS / identity card, and we will reward you with a cheeky 10% discount off your colour and cut bill, Monday to Thursday.
  • Celebrate newly qualified Ella. Cut & finish only £25!

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